Sarah C. Maas

I integrate elements of mindfulness, EMDR, Internal Family Systems theory, humanistic and psychodyamic approaches in my work.  For many years I was a School Based Therapist and worked with children and adolescents and used talk, art and/or play to process issues with anxiety, depression, trauma, significant life stressors, anger management and low self-esteem.

I have been in private practice for the last ten years,  working with adults and teens to address symptoms of anxiety, depression, life stressors, past painful experiences, and/or negative thought patterns, with focus on utilizing the therapeutic relationship to enhance the intuitive capacity for growth and healing that we all have within us.   Anxiety and depression symptoms often improve with weekly sessions to identify and focus on habitual thoughts, emotional patterns and on parts of the self that are in need of attention.  Most everyone benefits when they create a space in their life to focus on self-reflection and exploration with someone who is accepting and supportive.  I am excited to utilize the effectiveness of EMDR to address memories, experiences and negative beliefs that have become stuck.

I strive to create a LGBT friendly practice and I am a Poly-Friendly therapist.  I welcome those considering and/or participating in alternative lifestyles; it is often a source of growth, introspection, complexity and exploration.  When addressing these issues, it is a particularly important to have a safe space and to feel assured that your therapist is knowledgeable and accepting.

I am currently conducting telehealth sessions online.